A SAL is a stitch-a-long. There are several different kinds. Stitchers may gather in person and work on the same project together or members of a board or forum may work at the same time and post photos documenting their project.

Another type of SAL is a Mystery SAL. A designer will post parts of a pattern and stitchers will complete it without knowing exactly what they are stitching until the pattern begins to be revealed.

Some stitchers have SAL weekends where stitchers each work on a different project. These also may be in person or online.

COMMENT: I’ve been known to do a project just to join the SAL. I especially like seeing how needleworkers change design colors to make it more vibrant.

To see the locations of the various SALs,  hover your mouse over SALs menu item on the red bar on the top.  There should be a dropdown that separates the SALS, depending on where they are located.