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How to print from Kindle

Printing a Kindle can be complicated. eBooks are protected against unlicensed printing, so they are impossible to print directly from a device. However, there are ways to get around these restrictions in order to make a recipe, an excerpt or a document more accessible. Instructions may vary according to the type of device you own.

Method 1:

Learn to access your files. You will need to install Kindle For PC on your computer, so that you can access the files on your computer as well as your Kindle.

Install DRM removal software. DRM is Kindle’s Digital Restriction Management system that controls access to send, print or share eBooks that were purchased through the Kindle store. You can install a program like Epubsoft Kindle DRM Removal on your PC to perform this function.

  • Make sure that you download from a trusted site, such as
  • You can download this and similar programs for your Mac or Windows OS.

Open the DRM removal software. Click “Add” to find eBooks on your computer and remove the DRM. Press “Start” or a similar button, and then open the converted file.

  • Save the file to a location on your computer where you can access it later. You may want to save all your DRM-free eBooks in one folder.

Download an eBook converter software program to your computer. You need to convert the Amazon AZW files to ePub or PDF files. Try a program like Epubsoft eBook Converter.

  • Download this program from a trusted site.

Open the conversion software. Click “Add eBooks” and select your DRM-free eBooks. Convert and save them to your computer.

Open the PDFs on your computer. Use Calibre eBook management software or Adobe Reader to open the files.

Click the “File” button and select “Print” from these programs. You can print your excerpt, eBook or document from your computer.

Method 2

Open an application on your Kindle Fire HD. You will need to access your documents on an app like OfficeSuite, Emails, Contacts or Excel. Note that most eBooks are protected so that they can’t be printed, while other documents, such as jpgs, pdfs and docx can be printed.

  • If you want to print selections of an eBook from your Kindle Fire HD, you will need to follow a similar method that Kindle eReaders follow to convert the eBook and released DRM protection.

Look for a “Print” or “Share” symbol on the page. Once your document is open, you will want to tap the appropriate icon to access your printing options.

Select your printer from the list of printers on the Wi-Fi network. If your printer does not appear on the list, turn it on and ensure that it is connected to a Wi-Fi network. You will need to share the same Wi-Fi network to connect with a printer.

  • Press the button to add or find printers. Then, select your Wi-Fi enabled printer from the list.
  • The Kindle Fire HD will remember the action and make this printer your default printer.

Choose your printing options. Tap “Print” to send it to your selected printer.

Opt to set up Google Cloud Print for future printing. This app is available on Android devices and allows you to print remotely to a printer that you have already set up on Google Cloud Print.


Quilting Potholder

real-pot-holders-that-work-withReal Potholders that work.



Embroidery Samples

Needle Lace in Oaxaca

The Randa of needle, a variant of lace that requires a lot of precision and patience in the manipulation of the thread and the needle.

Do you want to know how do you do?
I share the following video.

Randa of needle
Tamara Rivas
Tlacolula in matamoros, Oaxaca
Mto, 2013


HOW to Learn… Lesson 1

Needle Knowledge

Needlepoint Stitches and Stitch Variations

by Cheryl Fall


Needlepoint basic stitches and a list of stitches in alphabetical order.

Here site also has some interesting books and patterns.

Simply Samplers

Simply Samplers

Cross Stitch Marking

The question is… how to I mark my fabric before stitching.  I had considered gridding it with a water soluable pen but after doing a little piece… it’s way too tedious.  I would do it for a “dense” design like an HAED, but not for samplers.  However, It would be nice to grid the outside border.  It can serve two purposes.  #1 to use as  reference point while stitching and #2 when all done… to position it straight for framing.   Here are a few tutorials

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