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Single Run Quilt Designs

12458 Motif 03  Used this one for most of the 2019 quilts.

12458-1712458-Motif 02Used this for borders.

80302-13.Rose Blossom Block small

Swirls Collection

Embroidery OnLine Swirls Collection

Double Run

Feather Quilting by Design

Feather Quilting by Design with Jessica Schick

DMC Pearl Cotton

Size 12



Ordered:  7/26/2017


Color swatch reference:


Close archaic BEREGINYA Old Slavic female deity of fertility and life itself, the cult which preceded the cult of male patriarchal deity kind, but remained still in the XIX century. Judging by the ancient iconography rozhanits them were originally in the form of two elk. By Rozhanits also applies anthropomorphic images Lada – the goddess of fertility summer, love, youth and beauty, patroness of marriage, and her daughter Lelia associated with spring and autumn calendar rites. In the celebration of the Christian rozhanits happened in September, by its nature, it was a harvest festival.

There was also a belief about Rozhanits as young virgins – the goddess of fortune, living everywhere: in heaven, on earth and under the earth, in caves and buildings. Also known mythological notions about the three Rozhanits: they are present in the home when a child into the world and then actively influence its sudbu (“star”). One manages the delivery, the other – marital relationship, the third – death.

Unlike Bereguinias that have left their iconography, graphic symbols rozhanits quite clearly defined.In folk embroidery of the Russian North are two types of iconography rozhanits: 1) regular female figure in long uzorochnyh robes; 2) symbol laboring women (including “olentsov small”), decorative convention which chastely hides physiological details.