1011814_198471543653456_118068585_nThis app is the first modeling painting software in the App Store. It is a must for formative education. Children can draw beautiful patterns easily based on our well-designed samples. During this game, children can understand not only the basic meaning of numbers and letters, but also connotations behind them. For example, “A12” in the program may refer to “the cross- stitching pattern in red line”. Children’s basic logical awareness might be formed by such games. We believe our app will bring the most joy to your babies, and improve their logical ability and imagination greatly. No more hesitation! Just buy one and enjoy the surprise that kids will bring to you!
In fact, this is not only a children`s app, many like cross-stitch adults were very like playing

1014028_198467506987193_979721737_nX-Stitch ($2.99). You can create your own cross stitch pattern using an existing image, or try one of the preloaded patterns. When creating your pattern, you can control the size of the pattern, including the stitch count of your aida cloth. You can even set a limit on the number of colors to be used in the pattern to help control the complexity of the pattern. These features allow you to quickly create multiple patterns for an image to choose the one you like the best!

Once a pattern has been created and selected, tag each stitch as it is completed to track your progress. Use the zoom feature to work on a section of the pattern more easily. When working with a specific color, highlight that color within the pattern to make it easier to complete.

At any time, view your progress to compare to the actual cross stitch, or take a look at what the finished product will look like. The application will also help in the tracking of your thread inventory.

Cross Stitch 2 Go

Cross Stitch 2 Go

Cross Stitch 2 Go is a design package in the palm of your hand…. $1.99

It is intended to be a simple replacement for pens and graph paper, allowing you to create motifs and ideas for projects, and complete smaller ones.
Note that the app does not convert photos into cross stitch charts.

Design your own cross stitch charts, using DMC threads, in full, half, or backstitch.
Can also be use to design charts for tiles, Perler beads, rug making, tapestry, pavements (!) and any other work that needs a square grid.
View in colour, stitch mode, or as black and white symbols.
Share your designs with friends or add them to the free online chart gallery, where you can get access to the charts sent in by other people!

Stitch straight from the screen (no need to print page after page) using the markup mode.
And so easy to use, a child could do it!

Compatible with our MacStitch and WinStitch products for your desktop or laptop.

(These versions can import charts created by CS2Go, and can export smaller charts which CS2Go can read)
use the free ‘XS2GOPDF’ utility , available from website, to turn your charts into PDF files or great printouts on your Mac or PC

If you own one of these applications, you can convert photos on your desktop machine, and stitch them from your iPad.

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