iPad Apps

iPad apps available from iTunes that might prove useful for needleworkers. If anything, just ot have some fun. I don’t endorse any of these apps… just testing and playing. If it’s not FREE, you may want to read the reviews first.

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1010547_198468030320474_1596425927_nCross Stitch HD… $4.99

Benefits of cross stitching with the iPad:

– No magnifier needed! Zoom in as far as you like for comfortable stitch counting; zoom back out again to get the big picture.

– Reduce counting errors by highlighting your current floss color! Simply tap the color you are working with and Cross Stitch HD will highlight that floss for you, making it easier to count and stitch more efficiently.

– No confusing symbols or constantly referring back to a color table! Cross Stitch HD puts the DMC code directly inside each highlighted stitch square in the chart.

– No seams between pages! The scrollable map-like interface reduces errors caused by breaking patterns across physical pieces of paper.

Features of Cross Stitch HD:

– Choose from nearly 100 sample patterns in 7 categories. Cross Stitch HD includes a broad range of sizes and complexities.

– Create your own patterns by loading images saved on your iPad – use your own photos or clip art you have found on the internet.

13658_371888096311799_5865334225326101343_nCROSS STITCH GUILD Mobile App