GOS Issue 66 August 2011


Designer Profile
Helga Mandl. She has designed, “Home Sampler”.

“The Stitcher’s House” by Banu Demirel.
Part Six: Attic and Roof

Feature Pattern
“Blossom Breeze” by Maria Teresa Vitalia of MTV Designs.

All Things Counted
“Tape Measures” by Danielle Tebb. Enter the August 2011 Tape Measure Challenge.

Needlefob Collection by Cindy Valentine
“Beeskeep Needlefob”

Blackwork with Nancy Pederson
“Grapevine Sampler”

“Mrs Wentworth” by Barbara Westhoven of West Wind Cross Stitch Designs.

Stitching with Ease by Elizabeth Almond
“Gadgets and Gizmos”

Mystery Sampler
“My Lovely Sewing Tools” by Marie Suarez. Part one of six.