GOS Issue 16 May 2007


We interview Elizabeth C. Gorski from Primrose Needleworks. There is a Buttercream Frosting
Sampler to stitch.

All Things Counted
We explore Iceland and its wonderful embroidery heritage. There is an Icelandic biscornu to stitch and make.

Feature Pattern
“A Quaker Seaonal” – Four tiles celebrating the four seasons in traditional sampler Quaker style.

“Ecouffes” by Marc Davis of Needlemania.

“Treasures in the Attic” is about the project called Tante’s Zolder headed by Lilian Took – restoration of over 400 antique patterns from the Netherlands.

“Beginners White Beauty” (Hardanger) by Vera Stoll.

Blackwork by Lynne Herzberg
The final part of the three part Spanish Sampler.

Mystery Sampler
“White Musings” – New four part Mystery Sampler from Colleen Leader of Follow the Leader designs.

Easy Peasy Cross Stitch by Jacinta Lodge
Card 6: Hoops, Q-Snaps and Frames
Card 7: Stitching Stands