GOS Issue 9


In Issue 9 October 2006:
Designer Profile: We interview popular designer, Martina Weber from Chatelaine. She has designed a small mandala called Lavender Garden.
All Things Counted: We explore the history and technique of Pulled Work. There are two small scented sacks to make which teach the basics of this embroidery style.
Mystery Series: Part two of Li’l Christmas Angels by Pine Glen Designs. This one will sweeten your tree.
With My Grandmother’s Hands: Kirsten Edwards discovers a wonderful collection of embroidery by Ina Thornton. In this collection was an antique Scottish sampler. Part one of two is included in this issue.
Feature Pattern: Baskets of Fruits & Vines Sampler by Karen Kluba of Rosewood Manor
From Test-Tubes to Chart-Packs: Jacinta Lodge comes to grips with language and spelling difference while designing.
Blackwork by Lynne Herzberg: Celebrate the start of the “sweet” season with Candy Corn.
From Six Strand Sweets, SANITY?? by Jessica Willis Burr