Dover Publications

Celtic Designs with CD-ROM 223 Permission Free Designs
Celtic Designs CD-Rom 96 Different copyright-free designs
101 Folk Art Designs Carter Houck
Celtic Charted Designs Co Spinhoven
Charted Swiss Folk Designs Elvira Parolini-Ruffini
Southwest Indian Designs Coloring Book Gaspas
Celtic Animals Charted Designs Ina Kliffen
Baroque Charts Designs for Needlework Johan Sibmacher
Egyptian Charted Designs Julie Hasler
Folk Designs from the Caucasus Kerimov
Chart Peasant Designs from Saxon Transylvania Kiewe
Southwest Indian Design Krez
Persian Rug Motifs for Needlepoint Lyatif Kerimov
Charted Borders, Bands and Corners Sandra Urban
Russian Peasant Design Motivs for Needleworks and Craftsman Stasov