TIN : Fall 1992

Fall 1992

Publication: Treasures in Needlework

Issue: (Fall) – 1992

Storybook Animals -A pair of animated characters – one for summer, one for fall – appeals to the child within us all.

Traditional German Towel – Not for the kitchen, this stitched banner will showcase your stitching virtuosity.

Dutch Sampler – A “spot” sampler of pictorial motifs reflects the golden age of Dutch culture.

Rhapsody in White – Sweet dreams to cross-stitch, crochet, or render in a delicate cutwork.

The Romance of Roses – Authentic Berlin wool-work charts lend beauty to contemporary projects, for Christmas and year ’round.

Dutch Sampler0003

Dutch Sampler

Storybook Animals

Storybook Animals

Traditional German Towel0002

German Towel

Battenberg Lace

Battenberg Lace

Crocheted lace

Crochet Lace Trim

Berlinwork Roses

Berlinwork Roses