My sisters, me and local stitchy friends are collectors of old needlework books.  Our interest ranges from 16th century to modern day samplers.  Our favorites are samplers from the Netherlands.

This site is a library of needlework books, charts and patterns that are in our collection… an attempt to organize the stash.  It’s also a learning process about trying various ways use this CMS interface to create libraries and galleries.

Stage 1 will be organizing Publications, Charts and Patterns.

  • Publications… a list of publications in the library with a link to each publication.
    • Each publication will be a PAGE (entitled:  pub_month_year)
    • Update 3/4/15… We thought about making each pub a page, however, pages cannot be categorized or tagged.   Since each pub page needs to be categorized by publication title, it should be a blog page.
  • Charts… An alphabetical listing of charts by designer
    • Each designer will have it’s own page…
      • first part of the page will be album of pictures of design with title in caption
      • second part of the page will be list of designs by title  (needed for the search engine)
    • Search by designer or title
  • Books… a main page with a list of authors/publishers.
    • Author/Publication Page…. Book covers that link to book description anchored within the page.
    • The book cover will link to a review of the book and maybe picture album of inside of book.

As it grows… so will ideas to expand.